Americans are NOT stupid – WITH SUBTITLES

笑到翻掉了,當初聽說 911 之後有美國人還在問為甚麼他們要攻擊我們,還有點懷疑,現在這段影片真的相信了 …

“Star Wars is based on a true story. True or false?”

… XD


4 thoughts on “Americans are NOT stupid – WITH SUBTITLES

  1. The majority of Americans are indeed quite naive. They do have a lack of core knowledge. Experts are debating whether the maximized freedom provided in American education system caused this laziness and ignorance in students. Easy As won’t push the students hard to really learn something.

    However, I think there are pros and cons. At least they are happier and not as snobbish and narrow minded as people in Taiwan. In general, people confident, and are more comfortable with themselves and more tolerant of different cultures and ideas. The most important thing is, even this freedom in education (not pushing students as hard as people in Taiwan) caused a drop in the standard of core knowledge in the majority of American students, it is this freedom of time, freedom of speech and freedom of flexibility that makes room for those creative geniuses who have a true passion in what they do. It is also these elites that lead America to the country of innovation. If they were pushed too hard to learn too much about trivial knowledge and were deprived the freedom and time to pursue their passion, I believe those geniuses will become mediocre. When intellectual curiosity and passion are killed by drudgery of unnecessary exams…..their talent will eventually fade.

    • lol.
      Don’t be so serious. The fact is that you can make anyone look stupid as you want to.
      It has nothing to do with ethnics, cultures, politics, and even educations. I believe that even in Taiwan, many people except high school students don’t know Tony Blair, the United Kingdom currency, or the differences among England, Scotland and Wales. Most people just don’t care about what are not involved.

  2. hehe I watched a clip about Bush 2 years ago, and it makes him like an complete idiot too…XD
    I was so amazed at how talented each party are at denigrating their opponents…

    That video is so amusing….got from one of my Caucasian friend 😛

  3. Star Wars *is* a true story based on… something happened a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, isn’t it? 🙂

    Well, while me and my friends in UK like to make fun of American people being stupid, honestly speaking I was quite impressed. In (around) 2003 when the issue regarding gay marriage was in hot debate, I passed by the supreme court in Boston and saw people from both sides protesting outside. While they held very different opinions, I was amazed that they did try hard to talk to each other and to persuade. They are in the belief that there is something they can do, and are willing to do so by reasoning with people. We in Taiwan seem to have given up such hope and resort to either violence or cynicism.

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